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Run Across MN Details

Run across MN in the fall.

With friends.

To support K-12 Christian education.

What more could you ask for? 

The Run

  • Build a team of 6 runners 

  • On foot, as a relay, cover 110 miles in less than 24 hours (every mile is run on the Central Lakes Bike Trail

  • Opportunity to fundraise to support any Christian school in MN 

  • Start Line: Delagoon Park, Fergus Falls, MN 

  • Finish Line: Rivers Edge Park, Waite Park, MN


  • Date: Saturday, October 15 (6 AM start time)

Fall Leaves
Volunteer Group

The Fundraising

  • Run Across MN not only challenges a team of 6 to run 110 miles, but to also gather donations so that every mile supports a student being given the opportunity to experience a K-12 Christian education

  • Once you are registered you will be given a unique link to share with friends and family. When others go to this link they will be able to make a donation to your team 

  • Each team will choose (during the registration process) which school the funds raised will go to 

  • Runners have until October 31st to invite donors to give to support every mile of their race 

Supporting K-12
Christian Education

Set a tangible goal and invite friends, family, local businesses and churches to help you achieve tangible targets





Find 20 donors to donate $0.50 per mile ($55 each) = 12 athletic uniforms 




Find 20 donors to donate $0.75 per mile ($83 each) = 10 new Chromebooks

Find 20 donors to donate $1 per mile ($110 each)

=  20 new student desks

School Girls During Workout
Registration Fees By Dates

Early Bird

  • July 15 - August 25 

    • $780 – 6 Person Team ($130 pp)

Labor Day

  • Labor Day Weekend Special (September 2-6)

    • $660– 6 Person Team ($110 pp)


  • August 26 - September 24

    • $840 – 6 Person Team ($140 pp)


  • September 25 - October 14

    • $960 – 6 Person Team ($160 pp)

  • All proceeds from this race go to support students across MN having access to Christian education, K-12. Team captains are responsible for collecting “per person” (pp) fees from teammates. 

  • All runners will receive a shirt and medal. Water/aid stations will be provided (map of stations & exchange zones will be sent to team captains.

  • The team captain registers the entire team, providing the names and email addresses of teammates on the registration form.

  • Team Captains are also responsible for providing a team name and the name of the Christian school that the donations raised by their team will go to.

  • All team members will be sent a link to share on social media/email to family and friends, inviting them to support a $ amount per mile of the race (read more here).

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